Physical Security Consulting


Keeping you in control of your business

In the wake of ever-increasing violence at work, at houses of worship, and schools, the Aggeris Group recognizes the challenges your teams face when seeking to protect employees, your congregation, and your students.  To better mitigate those challenges, the Aggeris Group provides physical security consulting to corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals through the identification and implementation of effective security recommendations and solutions.

The Aggeris Group utilizes a comprehensive risk assessment process to evaluate your facility, business processes, and overall function to determine security and safety concerns.  Our in-depth on-site process identifies overall physical, individual, and business risk, and results in a comprehensive written report and presentation of observations, findings, and recommendations to improve your overall safety and security.

Our in-depth and experienced risk assessment and risk mitigation processes are tailored and customized to your specific individual needs accounting for budgetary constraints.  We oversee the implementation of security solutions and participate in a cycle of security evaluation and assessment to ensure your security concerns and needs are consistently identified, assessed, and mitigated.

Let us help you:
  • By conducting Protection Surveys – site evaluations, analysis, and recommendations
  • With Risk evaluation and mitigation strategies
  • Develop a Security Program Development – program policies, procedures, and protocols
  • Evaluate your Security Program Evaluation – assessments, audits, and reviews


The Aggeris Group provides physical security consulting for individuals, non profit organizations, and corporations.