Keeping you in control of your business

The Aggeris Group has partnered with a team of experts, and is a postion to provide full-service cybersecurity services which helps organizations mitigate the risk and impact of cyber threats. Although no system will be 100% secure, most breaches are preventable. Through the utilization of risk assessments, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests, we gain a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s cybersecurity posture and deploy targeted security tools to harden the environment.

Let us help you:
  • By utilizing Digital Forensics to manage a cyber-crisis, minimize impact, and facilitate recovery as quickly as possible
  • Evaluate your an organization’s complete cybersecurity posture, identify critical cybersecurity risks, and provide a comprehensive report detailing risk priorities and mitigation recommendations
  • Identify vulnerabilities and critical network weaknesses that would allow hackers and malicious actors to gain access to your confidential information
  • Educate your boards, leadership, and employees on a broad spectrum of cyber security topics which
    range from classes and presentations to “social engineering” testing via simulated phishing emails for employees
  • By providing Leadership/Cybersecurity Consulting and translating technical nomenclature into common sense actionable business language so that your team understands your organization’s cybersecurity risk and key oversite issues


Getting your business back on track