Crisis Management Training and Adjudication


Keeping you in control of your business

The Aggeris Group provides unique training and insight in developing and addressing all of your Crisis Management Training Adjudication and Planning needs.  Our Crisis Management Assessment protocol analyzes potential crises which may impact your business or business operations, provides a comprehensive plan for addressing this potential, and provides training to all impacted personnel.

In the event of a specific crisis, our trained and experienced personnel will work with you to address the crisis, mitigate the initiating factors, and manage the consequences of the event.

Let us help you:
  • Review your existing Crisis Management Plan, providing guidance, and confirm that your plan is solution-based and addresses all aspects of critical threat
  • Guide you in preparing your customized Crisis Management Plan if you do not have one in place
  • Assist you in identifying and selecting your Crisis Management Team (CMT)
  • Establish Incident Management protocols and procedures
  • Simulate a command post
  • Provide training exercise scenarios to assist you and your team to prepare an effective response when faced with any crisis, large or small
  • Identify and train spokespersons
  • Identify your Crisis Communications Team
  • Establish notification and monitoring systems
In the event of a crisis:
  • Work with your Crisis Management Team and provide guidance and counsel as requested
  • Establish liaison and coordinate with local, state, and federal law enforcement as needed


The Aggeris Group will help you act quickly to mitigate the initiating factors and manage the consequences of any crises.