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‘It hurts me’ – Friend of man killed by police says he’s heartbroken over body camera footage News 12 Staff Feb 11, 2021, 7:45pm EST Updated on:Feb 11, 2021, 7:45pm EST Kevin Kline, COO The Aggeris Group Media Appearance Former FBI agent Kevin Kline, who says he’s investigated many police-involved shootings, says Stratford police have […]


Polymer Interview

Polymer Interview Cybersecurity perspectives from a former FBI Agent, Kevin Kline, COO The Aggeris Group March 9, 2021 Kevin Kline, a 30+ year veteran of the FBI with a focus on National Security investigations, has dealt with cyber threats globally. He is currently helping organizations negotiate ransomware and develop defensive policies of protecting against insider […]


Jay Rovert Interview

Jazz Man Jay Interview Series Jay Rovert Interviews Kevin Kline, COO, The Aggeris Group 1 21 21   Jay Rovert discusses Kevin’s background as an Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent, his experiences during 9/11 and why he started up The Aggeris Group. Watch the Interview Here