Background Investigations


Keeping you in control of your business

You have just spent numerous hours interviewing prospective candidates for a new position, and you are ready to hire. What do you want, or better yet, what do you need to know about this candidate before you hire them? You are about to acquire or merge with a company that you no little about. Is it not prudent and responsible to practice due diligence before you inherit a myriad of unforeseen problems?

Big and small businesses alike recognize the value of doing background screenings, and The Aggeris Group maintains the ability to do full background investigations on all of your prospective employees and/or partners.

Let us help you:

  • Verify the information provided by prospective employee/partner
  • By conducting criminal and civil records checks
  • By conducting Financial and Healthcare Compliance searches
  • With employment and education verification
  • Obtain consumer credit reports and driver history records
  • Verify professional licenses


The Aggeris Group will conduct full background investigations on both prospective and existing employees, as well as prospective business partners, so that you can can make an informed decision based upon a risk/reward equation.